work has taken over my life and now my photo blog! most of team are far from home, or never get to see their homes on our crazy schedule. so here's a place to show family and friends what shaun and shellie call the "gam-x life style" ha ha ha!!!

the offical team portrait (although we're missing a few)

my halloween costume (QA princess)


beautiful sky over lake erie (sunset...)

more downtown pics......
st. john's cathederal

downtown mural

cool building

breast cancer awareness sign

bench where i catch the bus


i forgot some important pics!

people on the street were screaming when the elephants all turned and "let go" all at once..

i don't know if you can read the sign, but the shoe shine place downstairs is offering massages on a hand written note. something seems very wrong with this...

bob's crooked hand. it's all he'd let me photograph. reminds me of a certain friend with a "special ear"...harumph!
the annual ringling brothers circus comes to town....


beautiful cleveland in the morning....

sad gargoyle.....

halloween lights....

fernando in the pit.......


my downtown cleveland/new job pics....

union protest (this scared me at 7am in the dark!)

building lit up pink for breast cancer awareness month

the fridge at work is named after me!

"the pit"

my crazy desk
this is where i catch the bus at 6:45 am.

i've been carrying my digital camera around with me lately. here are a few random shots.

beautiful lucy.....

beautiful sunset....