sunday table celebration!!!

and see, magalotti, hank does fit on the chair!!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!


birthday girl!!!! holy shit, it's a pink backpack on wheels!!!!!

birthday sausage!!!!!!

mom and sis cracking nuts

fernando fits right in!!!!

we love inappropriate touching!!!
cigarettes and the finger....


what i did on my vacation (random photos....)

myla and morgan (myla is 3 yrs old and quite insane...)

sign on morgan's bedroom door (sorry jennette, i guess you can't visit!)

mike and charlie

nail bunny (don't ask)

the pisser (again, don't ask)

the gift from mag's that made me cry (happy tears)

the horrible bunny that lives on mag's kitchen counter. evil!!!

mag's couldn't wait to have me over for MEAT (ever since she read my post about wanting to be a vegetarian...)

jennette doing her stupid frankenstein walk, making the dogs nuts. (note the festive bandanas i put on the dog's for new year's eve!)

black mike with black santa (rachel wins the prize for gift that made me laugh the hardest)

i am the thrift shopping queen of the world!!!!!!

cute 70's turtle napkin rack

creepy gorilla wall hanging

headless pig thing that has a snort button in his behind (griffin loves mr. floating pig head!)

authentic old cowboy boots that actually fit me! (will i ever wear them? who cares for the $5 i spent on them!!!)

hhmmm......what is this mug supposed to be??? a monkey with a banana perhaps?

nope, it's a kidney! herr doktor sladj, what's the yellow bit supposed to be?