we found this store in a little town that had a swiss theme. i don't remember the name of the store. it was so full of pink and sparkley stuff, weird dolls, lights and jewels, that it was almost too much for me! i went into some kind of sparkle overload...

it wouldn't be a jen/dan vacation without finding an old cemetary and getting some photos. this one we spotted when taking a wrong turn. the stained glass windows on the masoleum (sp?) where beautiful.

here are pics i took in a weird little junk shop. i snapped away for about 20 minutes, and as i walked out, a father and son stopped me. the guys asked, "what are you doing taking all those pictures?" it was a little bit of a "deliverence" moment for sure. i tried to explain how i liked photographing interesting or unusual objects, and how i love "old stuff". they seemed confused, so i got the heck out.

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