work has taken over my life and now my photo blog! most of team are far from home, or never get to see their homes on our crazy schedule. so here's a place to show family and friends what shaun and shellie call the "gam-x life style" ha ha ha!!!

the offical team portrait (although we're missing a few)

my halloween costume (QA princess)


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Your customers are doing it - are you?
To blog or not to blog... your customers are doing it. The question is - are you? Blogs are a force to be reckoned with.
Just like so many Americans my friend loves the clubs and pop r & b lyrics so he went ahead and built an awesome website about pop r & b lyrics. When he's in high spirit he goes to the site and start reciting all his favorite pop r & b lyrics. Says it's good for the heart. Guess what? I gave it a shot and it works great!

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