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madison part 2 (the historical society)
groundcat's mom volunteers at the madison historical society, and took us on a little tour recently. i was able to bring my camera and get shots of my favorite things, (antques, oddities and creepy dolls!)
this guy really creeped me out... and i love the old pharmancy display

a room was devoted to an old dentist office, YUK!!!!!

an antique wheelchair (almost as cool as ours) and portrait of an old lady from the dentist office

the dress on the left was my favorite
they have all kinds of vintage clothes (including a suit that belonged to dan's dad!)

once again the barn makes an appearance, although this painting included a windmill. do we have a windmill i haven't noticed?

and finally, i snuck a peek into a closet and look what i found.... vintage roller blades! i think there were brought over on the mayflower!

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